Magna Glulam is made by end-jointing small pieces of Merbau/ Kwila timber to make long-lengths which are glued together under pressure using a durable, structural adhesive. It is a high-quality timber product with predictable strength and in-service performance. It is available in a large range of beams, posts and handrails which are particularly suited to external structures where the beauty of the rich red/brown timber is to be expressed.

Magna Glulam is manufactured by a licenced plant in accordance with Australian Standards under a very strict third party audited quality assurance System provided by the Glue Laminated Timber Association of Australia.

The high strength of Magna Glulam has been established by initial qualification testing and is checked by daily production testing at the plant. All beam sizes and 90×90/115×115 posts were determined to be GL17 and the rest of the range was classified GL13.

Magna Glulam is suitable for use in fully exposed weather conditions known as Service Class 3. This is because it is made from a naturally durable timber using Phenol-Resorcinol Formaldehyde (PRF), a highly durable A bond adhesive.

Merbau has very low shrinkage rates (1.5% radial & 2.5% tangential) which mean that Magna Glulam stays straight in changing weather conditions. It also means that Magna Glulam is much less prone to surface cracking that other timbers.

The small pieces of Kwila used to make Magna Glulam are kiln dried to 12-16% prior to gluing which means that even the biggest beams and posts have the same moisture content from core to the surface. This factor makes glulam less prone to distortion and moisture sweating than solid timber in large sections.

Merbau is a hard timber rated 2 in a 6 class scale so consequently it withstands knocks and daily wear and tear far more successfully that timbers such as Radiate Pine and Western Red Cedar.

Magna glulam is always supplied in appearance grade A which means it is free of knots / other defects and  is smoothly dressed ready for clear coating or painting.
Kwila is listed as a bushfire resisting timber and PRF adhesive does not affect the fire performance of glulam. Consequently Magna glulam is suitable for construction in bush-fire prone areas.
Magna Beams are resistant to termite attack