Magna Handling, Installation and Maintenance Instructions

Keep Dry before installation

Kwila should be kept dry until it is coated otherwise it tends to bleed a dark coloured resin in contact with water which can spoil its appearance. If resin-bleed does occur it should be sanded off before coating it

Don't drop or roughly handle Glulam

Glulam timber should never be dropped or roughly dragged as excessive shear forces can over-strain glue-joints.

Keep Coated

Protective finishes will prolong the life of Magna glulam by reducing UV light and moisture ingress which cause timber to split and swell. Two coats of good quality decking oil should be applied to all surfaces including ends prior to installation followed by one coat every year or more frequently in harsh environments. Alternatively Magna glulam can be painted.

Avoid use in non-draining surfaces

Saturation under water for long periods of time will cause timber to swell excessively and so strain glue-joints. Therefore non-draining horizontal surfaces should be kept to a minimum and should be extra well coated.

Use above ground only

Magna glulam should not be used in-ground because excessive swelling of timber can strain glue-joints.

Service holes

Service holes should be restricted to the middle third of a beam’s depth. They should be no more than 25mm in diameter unless advised otherwise by a qualified structural engineer.

Repairing Glue-line cracks

It is quite common for glue-lines to open up slightly at the surface due to changes in humidity. This is not to be confused with de-lamination which will open up glue lines to a much greater extent. All fine cracks and some localised de-laminations can be repaired using an epoxy glue. Consult your distributor if in doubt. Take extra care to keep Glulam well coated on the more exposed sides of dwellings.

Repair of cracks not on glue-lines

Whilst Kwila is much less prone to surface cracking than most timbers, cracks can arise in exposed conditions if the surfaces are not regularly oiled or painted. Surface cracking is natural feature of timber and consequently is never the fault of the manufacturer. Surface cracks can be filled using epoxy glue.

Stainless Steel Balustrading – Nut and bolt type fixings are recommended for stainless steel balustrading. Screw-in type fixings can cause lamina separation of posts if wires are tightened too tightly.

Two coats of a good quality decking oil should be applied to all surfaces and ends

(MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheet

Magna Handling, Installation and Maintenance Instructions