Magna Posts are produced by a licensed manufacturer from small pieces of Merbau/ Kwila timber using a durable, structural glue. They are ideal for use in structures where the beauty of a rich red/brown hardwood is to be expressed or to match Kwila decking, beams or handrails.

They can be used in exposed external environments including bush-fire prone areas and are resistant to termites. They stay straighter are more resistant to knocks than other timbers commonly used in posts. Magna Posts are more attractive than other Merbau/ Kwila glulam posts because they are made using only small number of lamina.


Standard sizes

  • 90×90, 100×100, 115×115, 140×140, 190×190, 240×240, 290×290
  • For Western Australia  95×95 & 120×120  
  • Lengths: 2.4m – 6.0m in 0.3m increments.


  • Timber: Merbau (Kwila) Intsia bijuga
  • Moisture: 12-16%
  • Strength: GL 17 for 90×90 & 115×115. GL 13 for the other sizes.
  • Adhesive: Phenol Resorcinol Formaldehyde
  • Service Class: Suitable for Class 3 environments.
  • Appearance grade: A
  • Durability: Class 1, life expectancy 40 years+


Check Magna Handling, Installation and Maintenance Instruction before using.


Make a statement with the NEW giant Magna Glulam posts – 240x240mm and 290x290mm.

Magna Glulam posts stay straighter and withstand knocks better than other timber posts