These posts are the top of our range. They consist of standard Magna glulam posts surrounded on 4 sides with solid timber. They look like solid Merbau (Kwila) posts but perform better because they are completely dry from core to surface.


Standard sizes

  • 115mm, 140mm, 190mm. These have 6mm pencil round edges
  • Length: 2.4m – 6.0m in 0.3 increments


  • Kiln dried to 12-16%
  • Structural exterior adhesive, Phenol Resorcinal Formaldehyde
  • Appearance grade A, ready for clear finish or painting
  • Strength grade GL 17 for sizes under 140mm, GL 13 for sizes 140mm and above
  • Durability: Class 1, life expectancy 40 years +

Can be used in exposed environments including bushfire prone areas


Outstanding strength and in-service performance of quality hardwood with a 15-year warranty