Magna Beams are produced by a licenced manufacturer from small pieces of Kwila timber using a durable, structural glue. They are ideal for use in structures where the beauty of a rich red/brown hardwood is to be expressed or where superior strength is required. They can be used in exposed external environments including bush-fire prone areas and are resistant to termites.  They stay straighter are available in longer lengths than solid timber beams. Refer to Magna Beam Span Tables.

Standard sizes

  • Lengths: can be made in any length up to 8m.
  • Widths: 35mm, 42mm, 65mm, 80mm
  • Depth: 70mm, 90mm, 115mm, 140mm,
    165mm, 190mm, 240mm, 290mm


  • Timber: Kwila (Merbau) Intsia bijuga
  • Moisture: 12-16%
  • Strength: GL17
  • Adhesive: Phenol Resorcinol Formaldehyde
  • Service Class: Suitable for Class 3 environments.
  • Appearance grade: A

Check Magna Handling, Installation and Maintenance Instruction before using.

Note Magna Beams  are prone to resin-bleed on contact with water and so they should be kept dry at all times prior to coating with a deck oil or paint.

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